Today the Year 9 preferences information for parents/carers and students launches on our website and on our YouTube Channel Year 9 will be learning more in tutor time next week.


How many do you do on a regular basis? Drinking water and physical activity are the easiest to achieve


Our PGCE trainees delivered some amazing presentations as part of their School Based Study. The trainees had to identify a topic or question which arises in school and present their findings to the leadership team.


Jumma Mubarak 🤲❤️


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Stunning photos of a great week together


Our students are enjoying their last full day at Jamie’s farm


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It's nice to say something kind to a friend, or a stranger. It makes the day better.


Yesterday was another great day on the farm for our Year 10s


How good are you at being patient with yourselves and one another? we value the importance of patience as a key interpersonal skill


Our Lead Practitioner Shalee Begum, delivers a great session this morning to our School Direct trainees on engaging starters


We have had a great day at Jamie’s farm.


Our Year 10s who are spending the week are currently in the middle of making breakfast and feeding the animals.


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Even when facing difficult times, we can still take positive steps forward and find reasons to be hopeful 🌈 Join us for and enjoy daily actions to boost your wellbeing and bring happiness to others. Let’s get 2022 off to a better start ☀️


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It's a new year, and we're counting down to (7-13 February)! 📅 Join schools, organisations and families across the UK as we consider how we are all Growing Together. Find out more 👉


Following the update to the COVID regulations from the Government today we are now required to test all eligible secondary students before they return to the classroom, therefore we have had to amend our return dates to school. All details have been e-mailed to parents/carers.


This blog post by is a great preview of next half term's teaching and learning strategy:


What we choose to use as fuel for our bodies and minds is key to good mental and physical health. Energy balls - high in . A tasty and healthy snack alternative


Leo Samolis our Lead Practitioner for Science delivered a powerful CPD to our teacher trainees on Managing Workload. Some useful tips shared alongside this interesting video on Confessions Of A Teacher.


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Jum’ah and sermon led by Mr Khan today. A huge thank you for the extremely kind donation of flooring from which allows us to ensure a safe and clean space for prayer.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Communication with parents

How do I find out about my child’s day at Nursery when I collect him/her?
Your child’s class teacher or TA will be able to give you a brief run-down of your child’s day at Nursery.

How do you communicate with parents?
As well as daily verbal feedback, we also hold two annual parents’ evenings and a range of workshops and opportunities for you to come into class and look at your child`s work. Parents can also book an appointment to speak to the class teacher anytime.

What happens if my child suffers from separation anxiety?
Settling in can be challenging for some children. At Chobham, we care about making a positive start into school life and we aim to work in partnership with parents and carers, take settling in gradually and coming up with a personalised transition plan where necessary.

How can I be involved in my child’s learning?
There are many ways we like to work alongside our parents at Harris Academy Chobham. Here are just a few:

Each half term, you will receive a curriculum overview which will detail what your child will be learning that term.

Teachers will perform online learning observations and these will be shared with you via email on a half-termly basis.

We have an open-door policy which means we have day to day contact with all parents in the morning and at the end of the day.

Our special workbooks and child-centred displays are accessible in the morning and after school if you wish to view your child’s progress.

Throughout the year, we organise parent lesson observation days and workshops to give you an insight into how your child learns.

Parents are invited to bring in any work that children have done at home. This can be given to the class teachers via the ‘wow moment’ folders at the entrance to the classroom.