Tim our PGCE trainee, demonstrates some fantastic co-ordination skills by getting his year 7 class to play a class ensemble of the famous Ode To Joy. Students worked brilliantly, increasing their confidence, memory, attention and concentration skills.


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Together, we are stronger 💛


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Every act of kindness makes a difference. Let's help create a happier world this December with our Kindness Calendar. Please use & share 💕🌎🎄


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Here's a starting point for leaders in beginning to uncover what matters, and starting ongoing conversations about it (from Counsell, C. 'seeing a curriculum more clearly: better conversations with middle leaders' in (ed.) the Guide to the Curriculum)


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This December transform your world through loving kindness. 📅 Find the high resolution version and multiple formats of this calendar here:


Mini-whiteboards are an invaluable tool for teachers, as they both engage students and allow the teacher to check students' understanding. Nazrana uses mini-whiteboards with her year 7 class, she can see all written or drawn responses simultaneously as every student participates.


Our Year 11s and Year 13s are coping with the challenges of mocks brilliantly. As they enter the second week of mocks we just want to share 's guide on looking after their mental health during exams and revision


Taken from Teaching Walkthrus book, our teachers have been trialling out two specific techniques-Say it again better and Peer supported retrieval. Feedback from staff and students have been fantastic as these techniques aid students to produce high quality verbal responses.


We are looking forward to our annual BOSS day tomorrow. We have made an update to the dress code policy: Students wishing to wear Islamic dress should wear a simple and a which are not over embellished.


As our Year 11 and 13 students begin their mock exams we want to share 's guide on how to look after your mental health during revision and exams:


One kind word can change someone's entire day . It is something we can all do everyday. When was the last time you went out of your way to be ?


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There is a strong link between mental health and bullying. Young people who have experienced bullying are more likely to experience mental health issues and those who have mental health issues are more likely to be bullied.


An interesting podcast recently shared with out PGCE students - Dr. James Lang has six recommendations in this podcast about how we can better understand student attention and how we can get their attention while we teach.


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New SEND steering group, including the , chief and director of education Chris Russell will ensure the delayed review will be delivered 'at pace' , says


Have you stopped to consider what you might need to quit?


Students learning about tilting and toppling in physics, this method of dual coding works really well as students understand the concepts through the combination of visual and verbal processing. It also improves students' retention of information.


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Reminder: Your intrusive thoughts don't get to define you. They have no grounding in who you really are. Don't let them throw you off your track.


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Books are a fantastic way to help children with anxiety and to spark conversations about mental health in general. We asked Georgina Atwell, founder of the UK’s leading children’s book review site, Toppsta, for her top recommendations of books to help📚


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Are you a young person aged up to 25 looking for support for your mental health? On My Mind is a website co-produced with young people, which includes advice on referrals, working with services, self-care & a directory of free services across the UK👉

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Posted on November 11th 2020

Chobham Experience

Chobham Experience – Introduction to Law

On Monday 9th November, Year 9 Chobham Experience students took part in an ‘introduction to law’ event. Along with other schools, students virtually met with two criminal barristers. They learned about the justice system, both in this country and abroad, discussing why the UK has such an effective system in comparison to other countries.

Students discussed representation across the profession, particularly the lack of representation of black, female barristers. Leading to an interesting conversation about the wider impact this may have on prosecuting criminals. This was inspiring for some of our students who said they would now consider this as a career option.

The event was organised through the Kalisher Trust, an organisation with an aim to encourage and inspire young talented individuals, from diverse back grounds, to work towards a career as a barrister.

Well done to all students involved, for your interesting questions and engagement in discussions.

Chobham Experience – Introduction to medicine

On Friday 6th November, 4 year 10 students took part in an ‘introduction to medicine’ event. This was a virtual event, with two doctors leading the session and students were able to interact through MS teams.

During this session, students were engrossed in a discussion about medical ethics, leading them to form their own judgements on particular case studies and justify their decisions about patient’s treatment based on the information given. It was impressive to see the students articulate their ideas so professionally!

Students were excited to learn about the role of a doctor and particularly engaged during the diagnostic testing, taking thei pulse, breathing rate and temperatures and learning normative values.

Finally, they learned the requirements of applying to medical school, asking questions about this as a career and it sparked their excitement and interest in this as a future career.

Well done for behaving in a professional manner and being excellent ambassadors for the Academy.

Miss Ellis