Chemistry for Breakfast - the best combination for half term revision! Our Year 13 Chemistry students are working hard, preparing for their upcoming mocks. Going through exam questions, taking lead and teaching others using the white board. 😃


Today's African many of you need to reconnect with true friends post pandemic?


Remeber to support wellbeing of our friends, family and colleagues!


Today we will be discussing this African Proverb and how it links to the values. How does it relate to yours?


A powerful video used in the Maths department- Dan Finkel invites us to approach learning and teaching math with courage, curiosity, and a sense of play. Our teachers will review these techniques to implement them in their lessons!#professionaldevelopment


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This , we stand in solidarity with every young person who is struggling with their mental health.


have a huge bank of recommendations to help people when they're feeling low or anxious. Check them out at


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It's world mental health day. It is very important to look after your mental and emotional wellbeing, whether it is talking to a friend or a professional. Finding ways to deal with the tricky parts of life can be overwhelming sometimes. Here are some tips and services available.


Whilst the staff are taking part in the virtual inset day, the students are completing their required practical work


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Are you invested in your ? Which aspects do you need to improve on most?


What does today's African proverb mean to you?


to . Topic of discussion last week was on the importance of and good character. "The heaviest thing on the scale of good deeds is good manners."


Today our students have been considering an African proverb. What does it mean to them? How can they apply this to the Chobham ?


have publish a self care calendar for October - which ones are you going to commit too?


Lucy Ellis our Lead Practitioner delivers a calm and engaging session to our trainee teachers on Behaviour Management techniques 👍


All clubs are cancelled tonight due to a staff meeting. However table tennis and West Ham girls football will still be on.


Celebration Evening is in full swing with students demonstrating how we develop all aspects of


Parents taking in the atmosphere created in our new during our Open Evening


At Chobham every department has a more able lead, and as part of their professional development this half term they are reading 's new book 'Teach to the Top', we look forward to them sharing their new ideas next month!

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Posted on June 17th 2021

Key Stage 3 Science Department Update

Sci1The transition day at Chobham Academy always starts with a bang! Students from year 6 are introduced to our fantastic staff and gain an insight into what secondary science is all about.

For many students this will be their first time in a laboratory, with it’s strange yellow ‘taps’ and deep sinks. Some may have imagined all manner of beasts (science teachers) to account for the origins of the strange smells that waft occasionally down the corridors. All is to be revealed….

The transition session for year 6 students includes what is most likely their first use of Bunsen burners.  This is an important right of passage for any student and opens up a wide range of further practical opportunities.

Though not for students, they may witness the methane bubbles demonstration and start to think about the science behind the spectacle.

When the students transition into secondary science their exposure to scientific knowledge about the world is greatly expanded. The transition day represents a first step in acquiring new knowledge and the skills needed to access it. Some of the skills and knowledge are shared with Maths and English, the rest must be developed through practice and exposure to new content that is facilitated by subject experts, the science teachers. The transition day is an opportunity to explore what year 6 students already understand about the world and also look for potential misconceptions. For example, having the idea that the (dry) mass of a plant comes from the soil rather than the air. It is also an opportunity to model how scientists work collaboratively to complete massive projects, such as the rapid development of a coronavirus vaccine by giving students opportunities to work in groups and share in a collective effort to develop scientific knowledge and understanding.


The year 6 students have a lot to look forward to both in terms of developing powerful lifelong knowledge about the world around them but also finding out that a potential future career in STEM is an inclusive future where they can seek to satisfy curiosity and have a positive impact on the world around them no matter what their background is.