Chemistry for Breakfast - the best combination for half term revision! Our Year 13 Chemistry students are working hard, preparing for their upcoming mocks. Going through exam questions, taking lead and teaching others using the white board. 😃


Today's African many of you need to reconnect with true friends post pandemic?


Remeber to support wellbeing of our friends, family and colleagues!


Today we will be discussing this African Proverb and how it links to the values. How does it relate to yours?


A powerful video used in the Maths department- Dan Finkel invites us to approach learning and teaching math with courage, curiosity, and a sense of play. Our teachers will review these techniques to implement them in their lessons!#professionaldevelopment


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This , we stand in solidarity with every young person who is struggling with their mental health.


have a huge bank of recommendations to help people when they're feeling low or anxious. Check them out at


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It's world mental health day. It is very important to look after your mental and emotional wellbeing, whether it is talking to a friend or a professional. Finding ways to deal with the tricky parts of life can be overwhelming sometimes. Here are some tips and services available.


Whilst the staff are taking part in the virtual inset day, the students are completing their required practical work


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Are you invested in your ? Which aspects do you need to improve on most?


What does today's African proverb mean to you?


to . Topic of discussion last week was on the importance of and good character. "The heaviest thing on the scale of good deeds is good manners."


Today our students have been considering an African proverb. What does it mean to them? How can they apply this to the Chobham ?


have publish a self care calendar for October - which ones are you going to commit too?


Lucy Ellis our Lead Practitioner delivers a calm and engaging session to our trainee teachers on Behaviour Management techniques 👍


All clubs are cancelled tonight due to a staff meeting. However table tennis and West Ham girls football will still be on.


Celebration Evening is in full swing with students demonstrating how we develop all aspects of


Parents taking in the atmosphere created in our new during our Open Evening


At Chobham every department has a more able lead, and as part of their professional development this half term they are reading 's new book 'Teach to the Top', we look forward to them sharing their new ideas next month!

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Chobham Nursery is an Independent Academy. We are based at the heart of the East Village; a focal point for generations to come. We believe in the unlimited potential of every child, and our 'Chobham Pillars' reflect that relentless aim to secure outstanding outcomes for our students. Our wonderful team of dedicated staff ensure that innovative teaching and learning is at the heart of our agenda.

Michael Whitworth - Principal

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Nursery News

17 June 2021Key Stage 3 Science Department UpdateThe transition day at Chobham Academy always starts with a bang! Students from year 6 are introduced to our fantastic staff and gain an insight into what secondary science is all about. For many students this will be their first time in a laboratory, with it’s strange yellow ‘taps’ and deep sinks. Some may have imagined all manner of beasts (science teachers) to account for the origins of the strange smells that waft occasionally down the corridors. All is to be revealed…. The transition session for year 6 students includes what is most likely their first use of Bunsen burners.  This is an important right of passage for any student and opens up a wide range of further practical opportunities. Though not for students, they may witness the methane bubbles demonstration and start to think about the science behind the spectacle. When the students transition into secondary science their exposure to scientific knowledge about the world is greatly expanded. The transition day represents a first step in acquiring new knowledge and the skills needed to access it. Some of the skills and knowledge are shared with Maths and English, the rest must be developed through practice and exposure to new content that is facilitated by subject experts, the science teachers. The transition day is an opportunity to explore what year 6 students already understand about the world and also look for potential misconceptions. For example, having the idea that the (dry) mass of a plant comes from the soil rather than the air. It is also an opportunity to model how scientists work collaboratively to complete massive projects, such as the rapid development of a coronavirus vaccine by giving students opportunities to work in groups and share in a collective effort to develop scientific knowledge and understanding. The year 6 students have a lot to look forward to both in terms of developing powerful lifelong knowledge about the world around them but also finding out that a potential future career in STEM is an inclusive future where they can seek to satisfy curiosity and have a positive impact on the world around them no matter what their background is.
9 June 2021PE Department Update and NewsPE Department News Overview Despite the difficult challenges we encountered because of the pandemic, the students at Chobham Academy have had multiple opportunities and experiences that have highlighted a success across the board. This ranges from our boys Sixth Form Football Academy completing their season, to master class opportunities with ex A-level students and Year 11 and Year 13 Leaver’s events. Football Academy The end of the season finished on a high for both our Year 12 and Year 13 students. Mr Okunja took over as manager for the Football Academy and has been well supported by his colleagues to deliver a range of technical and tactical sessions as well as strength and conditioning opportunities. This allowed them to compete in a range of friendlies. We also would like to take the opportunity to thank the boys for the service and performances they have put in over the last two years. The boys ended their football academy journey with another solid performance with an 8-4 victory.   West Ham Ladies Football Academy This year, we were fortunate to have the continued partnership with West Ham. They had two teams this year; the u21s and u18s. The dual career pathway still stands and whilst balancing both football and education alongside one another, they have also utilised the opportunity to give back to the school and volunteer in helping host internal events such as interhouse. A special shout out to Wiktoria Kiszkis, who has been offered a professional football contract at WKS Wroslaw (in Poland) and Janaye Beaufort with West Ham.   Master Class opportunities with ex-Chobham Academy students Our Year 8 Chobham Experience students worked with two of our ex-Chobham students; Anisa Begum and Priscilla Foley. Both university students held a master class to learn about performance enhancing drugs through acting out a court case. Anya Kramer, Year 8, mentioned ‘I really liked knowing what a court case entails and it really helped me think about how I would like to articulate myself.’                            Year 11 Leavers event To wish our Year 11 students a farewell and goodbye, the PE department were delighted to be able to host a football and dodgeball tournament as well as a Wacky Sports Day. This entailed a range of activities including an obstacle relay, tug of war and a three-legged race just to name a few. We would like to wish them good luck for their futures! Sports Academics The PE department are proud to continue to deliver a range of sporting academics across the board from GCSE PE, to CTEC Sport and Physical Activity, to A-Level PE. A shoutout to the Year 13 A-level and CTEC sport students; Katie Reeves, Maxwell Grappy and Ronaldo Kapica have been offered a place to study at Loughborough University. We have also had many of our students be accepted on to sports courses into prestigious universities; including Birmingham, Brighton and Brunel University. Our Year 10 GCSE students have had a mix of both virtual and face to face lessons where they have covered the following topics. Sport psychology: classification of skills, goal setting, SMART targets, guidance and feedback, information processing, arousal, stress management techniques, aggression, personality, motivation. Socio-cultural influences: engagement patterns and social groups, commercialisation, hooliganism, performance enhancing drugs, blood doping. Health fitness and wellbeing: health (physical mental social), fitness, somatotypes, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diet. Musculo-skeletal system: functions of the skeleton, bones, muscles, joints, types of movement, muscle contractions. Cardiovascular system: blood vessels, structure of the heart and cardiac cycle We look forward to seeing what the next academic year brings.
4 May 2021Celebrating Modern Foreign Languages at Harris Academy ChobhamIt is our privilege to reflect on the academic year so far, celebrate student achievement and look ahead at the next few months. Scientific studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to our cognitive processing.  At Harris Academy Chobham, we believe that equipping students with one or more foreign languages develops their cognitive abilities across all other subjects. Also, learning a foreign language enhances students’ ability to communicate in all environments. All students also explore cultural similarities and differences with British traditions, which provide a better understanding of the world. As part of their language provision, your child has the opportunity to use and explore new technologies which will show students how languages can be applied in various professional contexts. Through learning a Modern Foreign Language, students will have access to applying to leading universities. So as well as being culturally enriching, speaking a foreign language enhances the functionality of our brains boosting our problem solving ability. Additional benefits are outlined in the article below: At the end of Year 9, all students are provided with the opportunity to continue with both languages, into Year 10 before they choose the language, or languages, they will be studying at GCSE in order to qualify for the EBacc. At the end of Year 11, your son/daughter will be provided with the opportunity to continue with Mandarin for Pre-U and Spanish for A-Level. The facilities and learning support for languages at Chobham are excellent. in regards to support, we aim to provide additional sessions with Language Support Assistants and targeted interventions during the week, weekends and holidays. We also ensure that new technologies are accessible (Language Perfect) and we provide regular booklets and resources for students to work independently. Mandarin The Mandarin department has continued to build on the success of online learning by assessing student progress to identify and address gaps in knowledge. Students review and reflect on their learning through self-assessment and by responding to teachers' green pen marking with red pen. Currently, Year 8 are learning about school life and colours, enabling them to describe school uniforms. Year 9 is learning how to describe holiday experiences by utilising the past tense. Extension tasks require students to master all three tenses, which will form an integral part of their GCSE preparation. At KS4, Year 10 has already started attending intervention sessions to perfect their writing skills. Year 12 have completed a range of topics focussed on their education and are producing writing comparing the educational systems of China to that of the UK. We are looking forward to Year 6 students participating in our transition sessions to prepare them for next year. These sessions will take place in the Summer term. Spanish Our Year 11 students have been extremely dedicated to achieving the highest possible results in the summer and have been revising and working hard for the topic-based examinations they have been doing this month. Student engagement and motivation have been high, and the provisional outcomes are extremely pleasing. Students will do their speaking endorsement this week and we are looking forward to hearing them speak Spanish with confidence! This will surely be a positive experience for them. Year 10 are exploring the environment, more specifically how our everyday choices impact the challenges the world is facing. Year 9 is exploring the Spanish Culture by ‘visiting’ various festivals, researching a range of customs in the Spanish world, and discovering traditional Spanish food! What better aspect than food when you study a language? Key Stage 3 are currently working on using a range of adjectives to describe their local area, where they live and their school. As part of Careers week, Year 7 attended an online workshop hosted by the Spanish Embassy. Below, a few quotes from the students: "In the Spanish Embassy's website, you can access a lot of free resources such as activities, songs, posters and other reading materials." "Spanish is an asset for education, business, culture, communication and travelling purposes." "For example, Spanish opens opportunities of trade and business with Spanish speaking countries in Spain, South America and Africa." Upcoming events Harris Academy Chobham will be celebrating the European Day of languages on the 26th September 2021. Please find below a link to the official website where you can find a range of resources, fun activities and interesting facts: Twitter The Academy presence on Twitter is growing rapidly. Please follow us, as well as the MFL department on @chobhamacademy, as this is the ideal platform to celebrate student achievement. Thank you, Ms Gao and Mr Theau Subject Leads for Mandarin and Spanish
4 May 2021UKMT Junior Maths ChallengeIn the last week of April, our highest prior attaining students in year 7 and 8 took part in UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge competition that is aimed at students in schools and colleges based in the UK.  The Junior Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute, multiple-choice competition aimed at students across the UK. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. The problems on the Junior Mathematical Challenge are designed to make students think. Most are accessible, yet still challenge those with more experience. To recognize the highest performers in the Challenge, the top-scoring 40% of participants are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates in the ratio 3:2:1. In addition, around 2000 of the very highest performers will be invited to take part in the Junior Olympiad and over 10,000 to take part in the Junior Kangaroo. We hope that taking part in the Junior Mathematical Challenge was a stimulating and rewarding experience for our students, whether or not they achieve the top awards or take part in future competitions, which are both within their capability. Leonard from Year 8 said he looked forward to taking part again in the process next year especially since the questions tested their problem-solving skills rather than memory recall. Arya from Year 8 said that it was interesting and challenging to take part in the competition. Arya also enjoyed the fact that she had to creatively think about how to find the answers which she could arrive at using more than one method. Students preparing for the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge
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