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This week is . ​To mark the occasion, we'll be exploring a range of strategies to help with anxiety using 's brilliant guide. Today's tips are all about focusing on your breathing. Check out the box breathing method below:


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Mental Health Awareness Week starts today! 💚 All this week we want to talk about anxiety and the things that can help. Find out more about the week and how you can get involved here:


sixth form students have access to a full and varied professional pathways programme, which means that we actively engage them in opportunities such as the one with


advocates that all staff prioritise their wellbeing


How do the strategies below resonate with you?


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A stellar day out for our team of Sixth Formers as they get stuck into the orbital mechanics challenge.


On Friday our wonderful school counsellors lead a session for some of our Year 11s to help them to develop strategies to combat exam stress. Thank you to for providing some samples for the students to include in their exam kits.


A really good summary


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The majority of parents still back teachers going on strike but support is softening, a new poll shows


This half term our and tutor time sessions are all about managing and reducing stress. This guide has some brilliant tips in it.


How often do you live by this principal?


Our CPD today was using curriculum statements to plan lessons/SoW which align with your subjects curriculum intent. Trainees were given their subjects curriculum statement and asked to map out a sequence of lesson titles which lead students towards the desired end point.


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Life is happier when we get outside, move more & stay active 🤸‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️💃🕺🏻☀️ Join us for Active April and help spread the word


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It's World . Autism is a spectrum. This means every autistic person is different. Rosalind talks about childhood events that led to her diagnosis, the importance of recognising phobias and her love for her family and animals.


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As Autism Acceptance/ awareness month/week/ day (depending what country you’re in) is approaching. Here’s a post about why the puzzle piece symbol is considered a hate symbol by so many Autistic people. And why the infinity symbol is more accepted and widely used now.


Wishing everyone Ramadan Mubarak! May this beautiful month bring you all peace, love, health and prosperity. 🙏🕌☪


Today's CPD was lead by Mr Bitlice on 'Feedback and the use of model answers, mark schemes and examiners reports.' Some excellent advice shared on how to use positive feedback in order to help improve a student's performance.


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Partnering with as we launch eQuoo 2.0 with enhanced features & gamified tools at 🔸Clinically proven 🔸Scalable across your school 🔸Proven to work in just 5 weeks 🔸Robust reporting 🔸Created by Psychologists 🌐


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Are you interested in training to teach in East London or South London? We have two face to face events at our partner schools in April. Sign up here:


Ms Collins led a session today with our trainees on embedding challenge into lessons. We know challenge is the core of the growth mindset, so we encourage our teachers to learn more about their students, ask open questions and encourage students to share opinions.

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